Additional Blog: The Cult of Beauty

plumping_parties_plastic_suA recent Newsweek article I read by Jessica Bennet entitled, “Generation Diva: How Our Obsession with Beauty is Changing Our Kids” (see here)  confirmed a theory I have had for a long time that for all the progress women have made over the years, there is still a deep divide. I like to call the force fueling this divide THE CULT OF BEAUTY.

For example, just look at this interactive chart to see how much women spend on beauty products and treatments. In a lifetime, it is estimated the average American woman will have spent nearly half a million dollars on making herself “beautiful.” But what is “beautiful” and why is it that now that women are finally starting to be considered more of professional equals in the workplace are we taking that extra bit of income we are earning and putting it towards lotion?

What I find most ironic is the fact that the ad box just below this Newsweek chart features three ads:

1. Lose 15 lbs in just three weeks.

2. My Wrinkles Are Gone!!

3. I cured my yellow teeth!

*For a global glimpse on the industry check out this

*Women had over 9.3 million cosmetic procedures in 2008, almost 92%
percent of the total performed.

*In 2008, there were 4,108 breast implant surgeries performed on women 18 and under despite the fact the FDA recommends that cosmetic breast augmentation be restricted to women age 18 and above.

*Also, for those mothers out there who aren’t sure how to explain to their children why their nose looks different or they aren’t hugable for the next two weeks . . . there’s a childrens book to explain it (!) God bless America.


7 Responses to “Additional Blog: The Cult of Beauty”

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  7. Life is too short to try to fit into the confines of what society deems as beautiful. It’s high time we really embrace the idea that our differences are what make us special and unique, not flawed or ugly.

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